What are Distributed, Outsourced and Insourced Testing?

There is distributed testing, which is where testing occurs in multiple locations, such as using a testing service provider to perform some of the testing work. Since this example involves using testers who are not employees of the developing company, this is often referred to as outsourced testing. If some of the testers are employees of the developing company, then that’s referred to as insourced. Outsourcing software testing helps companies save time and money by completely handing off the QA process to an expert testing team who understands its business objectives and gets the testing done. Hence, it helps the company remain agile and expedite its software development and time to market.

Your outsourcing service provider will provide you with a team of experts to ensure that your software experiences a smooth launch. They know all the best practices, techniques, and testing methodologies to get the most out of the QA process. Outsourced software quality assurance services would help you stay agile by maintaining your team’s performance and productivity and saving resources for other vital objectives. Data leakage and loss are some of the biggest concerns with outsourced software testing services.

Establishing solid KPIs before partnering with a QA outsourcing company

For example, if your company chooses to outsource software testing and the third party’s pricing is suspiciously low. However, team leads or the CEO didn’t want to invest significantly and went ahead with the company. Upon rollout, your QA team encounters bugs and compatibility issues in the software. Outsourced software testing offers better quality assurance and testing methodologies, as you avail of skilled professionals with the necessary expertise to work on your project.

What are Distributed Outsourced and Insourced Testing

Other software testing purposes include enhancing the software product’s quality, verifying customer satisfaction, ensuring the product’s reliability, and risk management. Let’s say your team is almost done with development and is soon approaching the testing phase. After your R&D, you believe that releasing the application as soon as possible would derive the best results. However, your team lacks the resources and skills to complete it within a tight time frame. Postponing the launch may help, but it would delay your ROI and even adversely impact your perception with investors. Given how necessary testing is, software testers must possess the right skill set to ensure software functionality, usability, and security.

Why do IT companies prefer to outsource software testing?

They’re approaching the testing phase, and you want to release the app as quickly as possible. You could postpone the launch, but you have investors that are expecting the application soon. To harness the power of world-class QA expertise and propel your software products to unparalleled heights, it’s imperative to consider an independent outsourced QA team. While blending in-house expertise with outsourced skills might seem like a balanced approach, it often lacks the seamless efficiency and cohesion that a purely outsourced team offers.

The QA testing services you’ve found have done testing for some well-respected banking institutions. They can not only provide quality manual testing but have all the systems in place for selenium testing. In distributed, outsourced, or insourced testing situations, it’s usually not possible to have daily, direct interaction between all members of the team. So, managers often define ways to replace that interaction, using email, status reports, test management tools, and defect tracking tools.

Depending on your specific business needs, there are three software testing outsourcing models to choose from – onshore, offshore, and nearshore. Onshore outsourcing is where you outsource the software testing to an external company located in the same country but not necessarily in the same city as yours. Contrarily, offshore outsourcing is where you hand off the testing to a company located in another country, even halfway across the world, which works virtually with you. In nearshore outsourcing, you’d be employing an external team in a neighboring country, typically having a 3-hour time zone difference. Therefore, if you’re building a solution or product that’s industry-specific, it would be better to outsource software testing to a team with prior experience working in that industry.

Outsourcing software testing costs usually vary depending on what model and company you outsource your project to. However, industry standards suggest that outsourcing QA can cost 15-25% of the total project expenditure. Since they weren’t involved in the development process, they can see the application with a fresh perspective and recognize useability and functionality loopholes.

The Certified Tester Advanced Level-Test Manager (CTAL-TM) is an important role recognized by the ISTQB. Passing the interview will require a deep knowledge of management of test efforts and overseeing functionality testing, usability testing, and automation. As an advanced-level test manager, you’ll be responsible for testing software for non-functional requirements, using both black box and white box methods. For critical systems that are required to be available around the clock, a single resource will not be enough. A managed provider will have multiple resources as well as the availability to meet agreed service requirements, regardless of the time that problems occur. There can be considerable cost benefits derived from divesting the organization of expensive tech resources whose expertise may only be required occasionally.

Speak to a QA specialist to see if you can use one of our over 50,000 professional testers to increase the performance of your team. These tests will provide you with the raw data you need to decide on when you can safely and confidently launch a new product. However, being allowed your choice of experts from around the world can be very beneficial. You can build a team to communicate effectively from wherever they’re located and ensure your product meets the standards of a global market. Test Manager must be able to motivate the testing team irrespective of the organization they belong to. Some businesses are still hesitant to outsource Java development because they believe it’s…

What are Distributed Outsourced and Insourced Testing

External IT resources will not have the same feeling of ownership and responsibility for their colleagues and therefore may not put the same level of effort into finding a solution. In comparison, let’s now look at some of the risks that you will face when outsourcing IT services. The arguments for and against outsourcing the IT services consumed by an organization are many and varied. The Test Manager should understand which of these values apply for their organization, project, and/or operation, and be able to communicate about testing in terms of these values.

  • Outsourced software quality assurance services would help you stay agile by maintaining your team’s performance and productivity and saving resources for other vital objectives.
  • As per Statista, outsourced services’ global market size reached a monumental $92.5 billion in 2019.
  • However, team leads or the CEO didn’t want to invest significantly and went ahead with the company.
  • With MVP tests you minimize the risk of miscalculating demand and losing time and resources…
  • You want to make sure the software works, but you don’t currently have a team with expertise in software testing.

This requires the best in terms of security to protect customers in accordance with HIPAA laws. Choose a team that has worked with these types of apps before to ensure your app has good usability, functionality, and security. You just want to test to ensure there are no problems with the alterations you’ve made. You know they have limitations, but they will do all the testing you need for a cost-effective rate.

Based on internal lab accounting, this arrangement will be much more expensive than sending those same tests to a core lab or a reference lab. However, rapid TAT in that setting means that patients do not have to come in the day before their chemotherapy just to get their labs drawn. This can positively impact patient satisfaction, leading to growth in a health system’s lucrative oncology business. Firstly, the management reviews must be documented, and the team should record their observations, conclusions, and recommendations for further necessary action.

Once they’re done with your project, they are free to go, and you will be under no obligation to keep them on the payroll for projects they aren’t needed for. To avert data security issues, choose software testing outsourcing companies that offer security measures to ensure data privacy and confidentiality. Check if your outsourcing company provides data encryption, network firewalls, disaster recovery, single sign-on, and other security measures.


For example, you’re trying to choose between two different software testing service providers for your new health app. However, only one has a history of testing well-respected health applications. In any https://www.globalcloudteam.com/ of these situations, communication and information transfer require careful attention. When people who are all employed by the same company work side by side, many informal communication channels exist.

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