Monopoly Live By Evolution Gaming

As soon as it was released, this game was an instant hit with players. You need to be smart when playing so that you don’t lose too much from your bankroll before getting the opportunity to win a good bonus round. In the bonus game, you can land 40 places and uncover prizes and multipliers. Interestingly, Monopoly Live board game is an improved version of Evolution Gaming’s first game show—Dream Catcher Live, where bonus games and other surprises have been added. Additionally, it is a casino game created in collaboration with Hasbro, the company behind the classic board game, and the influences are impossible to miss. Monopoly Live’s wheel has several segments on it, and they are marked 1, 2,5,10, 2 Rolls and 4 Rolls.

Sometimes, though, he will spring into action and go on one of his celebrated adventures. Gambling should be a fun and entertaining activity, but it can also lead to addiction and financial problems if not approached responsibly. We urge our visitors to play within their limits and seek help if they are concerned about their gambling behavior. You can also devise your own Monopoly Live strategy if you perfectly well get hold of the synergies between the true odds and payouts. The feature begins with the presenter’s giving the floor to Mr Monopoly, who invites everyone to join him on the 3D Monopoly board. An elevator brings him down to the ground level, where a large three-dimensional game board is shown. Note that the ceiling bet amount of $10k is not uniform across all casino sites.

Bet options in Monopoly Live

Number 1 and 2 appear most often on the wheel, so betting on these options is a strategy for achieving frequent small payouts. For a medium-risk strategy, you should bet on the higher numbers, as these give bigger payouts but occur less often. Monopoly Live is best played in an online casino with good connections and no interruptions. The game itself is rather basic and it runs like any other money wheel gambling game. You’ll also get a peek at the incredible 3D-rendered world Evolution crafted for us! It takes you right into the world of the beloved board game in a way we’ve never seen before.

monopoly live by Evolution Gaming

If you love the Monopoly Live casino game, try these similar live dealer titles by Evolution Gaming. Alternatively, read more about this software provider’s full portfolio of games. After the bonus round ends, you’ll collect your winnings before the next spin starts. After each spin is evolution monopoly live over, you can place new bets to get ready for the next round of play. Before diving into strategies, it’s beneficial to grasp the game’s core mechanics. Monopoly Live, a creation of Evolution Gaming, is a captivating blend of the classic Monopoly board game and a money wheel game show.

Playing Monopoly Live

Then, players get the chance to predict the segment the wheel will halt on after the spin. At the same time, the virtual MR. MONOPOLY waits patiently on the sides, ready to jump in when the need arises. A special release exclusive to Evolution Gaming, Monopoly Live was created in cooperation with Hasbro Inc, the owners of the Monopoly brand. The game has a unique format of a live online game show based on the world’s most famous board game.

  • Since Monopoly Live is a live game, you need to choose a casino that offers more than just slots and table games.
  • The game’s unique blend of a traditional board game with modern live casino elements has made it a standout in Evolution Gaming’s lineup.
  • Where the Monopoly Live game stands out is in its bonus rounds.
  • We urge our visitors to play within their limits and seek help if they are concerned about their gambling behavior.
  • Please note that the RTP (Return to Player) values are estimates based on a large number of spins and may vary depending on various factors, such as betting strategy and luck.

During that round, the money reel stopped at Chance, giving the player an 8x multiplier, and then luck struck as the player triggered a lucky 4 rolls bonus game. Monopoly Live was awarded both the EGR and Gaming Intelligence Game of the Year awards in 2019 and 2020. Experts praised the game for its easy-to-understand rules and exciting 3D presentation.


Landing on ‘GO’ doubles the rent collected, while landing on ‘Jail’ or ‘Free Parking’ has no effect on the game. Doubles occur when the two dice show the same number of pips. So, when the roller throws doubles, all players will have an extra turn. How often the doubles occur can be calculated by applying the probability theory. The field has the same layout as the well-known table game, with Utilities, Properties, Railways, and some other spaces featuring basic multiplier values at the very beginning. But a few seconds after the bonus kicks off, houses and hotels will be built on random properties, thus increasing their values (normally two- to three-fold).

Monopoly Live Casino Payouts💰

Monopoly Live is unique due to its combination of a live game show and elements from the classic Monopoly board game. Monopoly Live is a live casino game developed by Evolution Gaming. It combines the thrill of the classic Monopoly board game with the excitement of a live game show, featuring a 3D Monopoly experience and a segment the wheel feature. When connecting to Monopoly Live, you discover a studio that is enhanced with augmented reality. There is a great looking city background (Monopoly city), and Mr Monopoly is sitting on an armchair drinking tea. The centre of interest of this game is of course the 54 segments wheel that sits in the middle of the studio.

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